Hi! My name is Kim and I am a natural light photographer here in Sebring, Florida. 
I have been taking pictures for over 15 years. I started out as a little girl just capturing things with any camera I could get my hands on. I have always loved making time stand still in an image. 
When my oldest son started playing baseball, I finally invested in a dslr camera. I would be in the dugout capturing those special moments for the team. Action sports is one of my first loves behind the lens. Learning behind the lens to how to stop the action in motion in a frame, get the dirt flying from the glove, or the kids being excited because they scored the big run to go ahead in the game. I always left my heart on the field with the kids.
That has all transitioned into portraits and other types of photography. I strive to make it a painless and fast process for you and your family. Especially if there are kids involved. I work in a school for my "real job" so I am pretty good with getting them to smile and I do work pretty quick. 
I am all about making someone tear up when they see the pictures. That is how I know I have done a good job. 
I also know how expensive photographers are. I get it, our time is precious, equipment is expensive and does have to be replaced. I am all about having fair and reasonable prices. I am not the cheapest in the area, but I am well below the most expensive. I feel that everyone should be able to get beautiful and quality photographs of their families without it costing a car payment to do so.
I do volunteer my time for events when I can. I am all about supporting the community and the kids in the community. If you have an event you would like a photographer at, please reach out. I try to a few of them a year. 

Before you ask... I do NOT do weddings. I am sorry, however I do not feel that I have enough equipment to cover your special day or the extra photographer to assist in the event. I wouldn't want to miss something on your very special day. I do however do engagements and would do outdoor bridal portraits, just not the event itself. 
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